List of freelance exchanges

ETXT - the Exchange of content.

It has been operating since 2008.

Payments: Yandex money - from 250 RUB, Webmoney (WMR, WMZ, WME) - from 250 RUB, Qiwi - from 250 RUB,

Bank cards-from 1000 rubles.

Services: Copywriting, Rewriting, SEO-copywriting, Translations, Proofreading

Shop: ready-made articles, selling photos

Services: checking the uniqueness of texts, placement system

   Freelance exchanges are a great opportunity to earn money from the comfort of your home. Anyone with a computer and a little free time can earn money using their skills and imagination. Not only moms on maternity leave and school children will be able to earn on the freelance exchange, but also people who have the desire and free time. Our list of the best freelance and copywriting exchanges will help You in your endeavors to make money online. Also, owners of websites, blogs, or groups in social networks can fill their projects with content using freelance exchanges.

FL - Russian exchange of freelancing.

It has been operating since 2005.

Services: website Development, Texts, Design and Art, Programming, Outsourcing, Consulting, Audio, Video, Advertising, Marketing, Translation, game Development, Animation and flash, Photography, 3D Graphics, Engineering, Optimization (SEO), Training, Consulting, Architecture, Interior, printing, Management, Networks, information systems, Mobile applications.

Additionally: Contests, Vacancies, Advertising on the site, Small business in Moscow.

Payments: Yandex money-up to 15,000 rubles, Bank cards - from 15,000 rubles, Bank account - from 15,000 rubles

FL-Russian copywriting and rewriting exchange.

It has been operating since 2014.

Services: Copywriting, Rewriting, ready-made articles Store, news Store.

Optional: Checking of uniqueness of the text, spell check text, SEO analysis, Search of synonyms, checking the uniqueness of the content on the website, checking the uniqueness of a document, API, uniqueness, Regular checks, Packages, characters.

Payments: Yandex money, Qiwi, Webmoney (WMR), Bank cards.

ETXT-content Exchange
FL - Russian exchange of freelancing
TEXT - Russian exchange of copywriting

Otzovik (you are paid for your reviews)

Type of earnings: without attachments

Release date:.Two thousand ten

Earning method: writing reviews

Minimum withdrawal: 200 rubles

WebMoney payment system.

earning on writing reviews